Programs & Services

Last Updated: 8/27/2020 3:21 PM

Pinacate Middle School counselors provide group activities, individual counseling, conflict mediation, academic advisement and behavioral support for all students attending Pinacate. No appointments are necessary for parents or students. Please feel free to contact either Mrs. Navarro or Mrs. Serafin at any time, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Additionally, the following programs are also available:

  • CBITS Support Group- an 8 week support group for any student who has/had experienced a traumatic or stressful life event. Group participation is voluntary and the group meets after school for 6 weeks. Participation is voluntary and parents must meet with the group facilitator prior to the group starting in order to participate.
  • UNITY Forum- provides students with a forum to speak about issues and/or topics that have significant meaning to them in a safe and nurturing environment. Participation is voluntary and parent permission is required.